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Cash is 100% clear, Homozygous N/N, with two normal copies for Degenerative Myelopathy (DM).   This means none of Cash's offspring will ever develop Degenerative Myelopathy as it takes two copies of the gene to develop this debilitating disease!  Cash is also Normal for the long coat gene therefore none of his puppies will ever have a long coat.

ZW: 86 (Very Good)

German Hips and Elbows: HD a1 (Excellent)

OFA: Good

Cash Von Rief was born January 01, 2011.  Cash is strong, deep pigmentation, expressive head, straight firm back, good length and angle of croup.  Cash is correct in type and comes from an excellent pedigree and healthy lines.  He has an excellent calm temperament and  is very good with small children.   He is an outstanding protection dog!    Cash achieved his AKC CGC at 10 months old.


Cash's Sire: V Robby Vom Tannenbruch

   Cash's Dam:  Jay-Lo Von Der Bastillie

Status:  Imported from German Status:  Imported from German
Titles:  SchH3/KKL1 Titles:  N/A
DOB:  April 10, 2006 DOB
Hips: SV:  HD a-fast normal (a2) Good Hips:  SV:  HD a1- normal
Robby is the son of Tor Di Casa-A world-class Italian stud and the Grandson of VA7 Marko della Valcuvia.   Jay-Lo is the daughter of VA1 Ober Von Bad-Boll, the 2010 Sieger and she is the granddaughter of VA3 Esck Vom Danischen Hofi!