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1. Q. Is my puppy registered?  

A. Yes your puppy will have full registration rights with AKC  (The American Kennel Club).  You will be given the puppies papers and I encourage you to go on line and registered your puppy in your name right away.

2. Q. How old will my puppy be before I may take it home?

A. Your puppy will be 8 weeks old when he goes home.  We do not send them home before 8 weeks.    These early weeks are very crucial to your puppies development and socializing with their siblings.

3. Q. May I name our puppy?

A. We follow German tradition so each litter is identified by the next letter in the alphabet.  If this is our G litter then the puppies will receive a name starting with a G letter or we can also put down G-Rebel.  You may name and call your puppy any name you choose but for the paper we put the letter of that litter first. 

4. Q. Will my puppy be vaccinated?

A. Yes, your puppy will receive their first vaccine before you take him home.  We encourage you to have an established vet  give your puppy a wellness check right away.  Your puppy will need a series of shots before they are fully protected against Parvo.  We encourage you to not take your puppy around other dogs or dog parks until your puppy has completed the series of vaccines.

5. Q . How often should I feed my puppy?

A. We recommend  feeding your puppy 3 times a day if possible. Start off with small amounts  1/4-1/2 cup and increase if they clean it up.  Your puppy is growing and will eat more during growth spurts. Your puppy will tell you when to cut back to feeding him 2 twice a day.  Most will tend to not be interested in the additional meals.

6. Q.  What should I feed my dog?

A. For years I have fed my dogs a Grain Free diet.  New research has recently shown that some cereal grains are healthy for our dogs and provided valuable Amino Acids.  In light of this new information I am now feeding my dogs a 50/50 diet of Grain Free and Cereal Grain food.

See: New Information on Feeding Grain Free 

7. Q. May I visit my puppy before taking him home?

A.  Yes, we highly encourage you to come visit your puppy if possible prior to taking him home.  Families will select their puppy at 4-5 weeks old and we hope you may come visit.  We do ask that you not be around other dogs or dog parks that week prior to visiting your pup.   We take all precautions to keeping your puppy healthy.

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